We’re a place where you can capture all your fun memories and make them last forever. A place where everyone is someone. We’ve creatively designed this app to be different from others. Our platform and setup was created to be different and give you the best user friendly experience possible. Just think of it as you’re turning pages in your book of life when using iFollow.

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We’re a hub of individuals were we don’t allow any negativity to drown on our platform. So therefore, we don’t give users the option to write lengthy post. Anything posted within our platform is either in picture form or video form. We want to keep the bullying and false information out, therefore protecting “You” our users and our hub.


You are able to edit pictures and video’s and we don’t block your videos with the music you’re playing. We trust that the creative work of the artist’s music is being heard by many of different people. Therefore giving the creator of the work much more exposure


We offer our unique geo-filters and geo-tags and the ability to have your own filter created through in-app purchases. Want everyone to see your location? You have the option of showing them. Want everyone to know where your amazing memories were created? You can show them.

Live Video

We’re a place where you go live with your friends and family while in story mode. It’s a different feel and quite easier process.


Geo-filters that you can place within your unique memory on your own, you can make as big as you want or as small as you want. You also have the option to purchase your own filters, for your unique memory, event or big day.

Protecting users information

We thrive on protecting your information, you entrust us with it. We trust that you’re aware, we’re doing right by your personal info.

Setting Trends

“You Lead iFollow, Set Trends” We live by this and we hold ourselves to that standard. Everyone is a leader and everyone set trends. Every person is unique in their own way, so every person set trends in their own unique way. We recognize it and we got y’all!

“Where app meets profession”. We don’t call each other followers, because we’re bigger than that. Everyone here at iFollow are considered trendsetters.

iFollow Inc.


We’re introducing the “HIDE BUTTON” we give users the option to hide their Story trends, post trends, as well as “trenders” and “trendees” list.


We give users the power to choose how long they’d like a unique story memory or unique page post memory to last. You have from 24hr - 72hr selection. You can change setting before every post or have it preset!


Major Future Updates

Earn with us!

Our Hub of unique individuals will have the option of actually being able to earn money from iFollow Inc. We are currently working to integrate an algorithm that will allow you to upload content directly to our app on its own channel, that will allow you to create revenue for yourself.

MeAtar Character

MeAtar - will be your own unique character, this will turn a picture of your chosen to a real life cartoon character. You will be able to dress your MeAtar as if it were you. We will offer regular clothing for your MeAtar. We will also have in-app purchases for more fashionable wear for your MeAtar, to turn it into a real version of you. If you like the high end brands, we will offer them for in-character only, through in-app purchase. We will offer real life products with your MeAtar affixed on the item such as; t-shirts, pillows, glasses, mugs, phone cases and etc. This MeAtar will also have the ability to mimic your voice so that it sounds exactly like you.

Advertising For Your Brand

Boost your productivity

Modern, Powerful, and Creative Advertising Tool.

You have a brand, a business or you’re simply just the brand. We give you the option to boost your post and bring traffic to you brand/business. It’s a simple and easy 2 step process within the app and you’re on your way to the top of the trending tree. Your ads will be displayed to millions of users with our hub to allow for your brand/business to flourish. Not that creative or just need some help bringing it out. You can have iFollow to create your ad promotion campaign. The choice is yours!

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Hidden Features

We have some special secrecy for our users within the app. It’s up to you as a user to find it. It’s a hidden gem!

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